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  • 15/06/2020 - Press release - Key Enabling Technologies

    Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier and the states of the Pentalateral Forum promote hydrogen as a forward-looking technology

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  • Human hand touching robot hand.

    15/06/2020 - Joint press release - Key Enabling Technologies

    Germany is a founding member of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

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  • Image illustrating artificial intelligence

    30/03/2020 - Press release - Key Enabling Technologies

    Jarzombek: “Turn to the future in this crisis. Harness the potential of artificial intelligence.”

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  • Quadrocopter zum Thema Reallabore

    Article - Digitisation

    Article: Regulatory Sandboxes – Testing Environments for Innovation and Regulation

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  • What is lightweighting?

    Infographics - Key Enabling Technologies

    Infographics: Lightweighting

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  • Rotor blades; Source: DLR, CC-BY 3.0

    Article - Aerospace Policy

    Article: Aerospace Policy

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  • A blackboard with math formulas connected to innovation policy

    Article - Innovation Policy

    Article: Innovation Policy

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  • Icon of an electric vehicle

    Article - Electric Mobility

    Article: Electric mobility in Germany

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  •  Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier and the Minister of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Varank, at the German-Turkish Conference

    22/08/2019 - Press release - Key Enabling Technologies

    German-Turkish Conference on Artificial Intelligence to be held at the Federal Economic Affairs Ministry

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  • Robot hand, symbolising artificial intelligence

    Article - Key Enabling Technologies

    Article: Artificial intelligence

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