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  • measuring tool for topic standards; Quelle:

    Article - Standards

    Article: Standards

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  • A blackboard with math formulas connected to innovation policy

    Article - Innovation Policy

    Article: Innovation Policy

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  • industrie 4.0

    Article - Industrie 4.0

    Article: Industrie 4.0

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  • Project Structure GAIA-X

    Infographics - Standards

    Infographics: Project Structure GAIA-X

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  • Quadrocopter zum Thema Reallabore

    Article - Digitisation

    Article: Regulatory Sandboxes – Testing Environments for Innovation and Regulation

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  • Washing machine symbolizes product energy efficiency; Quelle: SusanneB

    Article - Energy Efficiency

    Article: Product Energy Efficiency

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  • Elemente der Qualitätsinfrastruktur; Quelle: BMWi

    Infographics - Standards

    Infographics: Elements of quality assurance infrastructure

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  • Messschiene symbolisch für das Thema Normen und Standards; Quelle:

    16/11/2018 - Press release - Standards

    Minister Altmaier: "Clearly defined, precise and internationally harmonised weights and measures are the precondition for a functioning world economy."

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  • German and Indian flag

    16/01/2018 - Press release - Standards

    Germany and India working together on standardisation, certification and market surveillance

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  • Article - Electric Mobility

    Article: Regulatory environment and incentives for using electric vehicles and developing a charging infrastructure

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