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Internet Policy

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  • Robot hand, symbolising artificial intelligence

    Article - Key Enabling Technologies

    Artificial intelligence

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  • Computer chip and gas fiber, symbolic of digitisation; Source: Getty Images / Rafe Swan

    Article - Digitisation

    Taking control of the digital transformation

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  • Source:

    25/05/2018 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    Minister Altmaier: Digital innovations 'Made in EU' guarantee the basic right to data protection

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  • Tablet and traffic infrastructure, symbolic of intelligent networking; Source: martin-dm

    Article - Smart Networks Initiative

    Smart networking

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  • Hand with smartphone; Source:

    23/01/2018 - Press release - Digitisation

    State Secretary Machnig: D21 Digital Index shows digital progress – a good sign for Germany’s future

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  • Network cable on the subject of digital politics

    06/10/2017 - Press release - Digitisation

    Economic Affairs Ministry moots better ways of coordinating digitalisation policy and potential establishment of digital agency.

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  • Dirk Wiese, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

    26/09/2017 - Press release - Digital Technologies

    State Secretary Wiese: European cloud initiatives give key boost to the Digital Single Market

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  • Crossroad in Tokio

    08/09/2017 - Press release - International Cooperation

    State Secretary Machnig visits Japan to hold talks on the sustainable digitisation of the economy

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  • Abstract illustration of the Internet, symbolic for Internet Governance

    19/07/2017 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    Germany is candidate to host 2019 Internet Governance Forum

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  • Arbeiter sitzen vor PCs

    05/07/2017 - Press release - Digitisation

    Economic Affairs Ministry publishes study on digitisation of the 100 most important administrative services for businesses

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