Combined Heat and Power Generation

  • Distribution system symbolizes the eletrcity market of the future; Quelle: Getty Images/Hans-Peter Merten/The Image Bank

    Topic - Electricity Market of the Future

    Electricity Market of the Future

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  • Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier with European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager

    08/05/2018 - Press release - Electricity Market of the Future

    Press release: Important agreement achieved on CHP installations between Federal Minister Altmaier and EU Competition Commissioner Vestager

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  • Technician with solar energy plates

    19/12/2017 - Press release - Renewable Energy

    Press release: European Commission approves full relief from EEG surcharge for existing plants supplying themselves with electricity

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  • Energy efficiency - radiator + thermostat

    30/06/2017 - Press release - Energy Efficiency

    Press release: Innovation in the heating market: funding for fuel cells will be expanded and 4th generation heating networks will be particularly promoted

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  • Combined heat and power generation.

    17/05/2017 - Press release - Electricity Market of the Future

    Press release: The Federal Government is paving the way for auctions for CHP plants and innovative CHP systems and for joint auctions for onshore wind and solar installations

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  • Titelbild der Förderstrategie Energieeffizienz und Wärme aus erneuerbaren Energien

    11/05/2017 - Press release - Energy Efficiency

    Press release: Economic Affairs Ministry tables new funding strategy for energy efficiency and heat from renewables

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  • Power plant with cogeneration plant; source: Krüttgen

    24/10/2016 - Press release - Electricity Market of the Future

    Press release: Minister Gabriel: Green light from Brussels for CHP funding and interruptible loads

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  • Heat and power plant; source:

    19/10/2016 - Press release - Conventional Energy Sources

    Press release: Cabinet approves important energy legislation

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  • Renewable energy, energy package; Source: van der Wal

    30/08/2016 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    Press release: Gabriel: important consensus on energy package reached with European Commission

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  • Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister of Economy and Energy; Quelle: BMWi/Maurice Weiss

    18/12/2015 - Press release - Grids and Grid Expansion

    Press release: Minister Gabriel: Bundesrat opens up the way for swifter expansion of the electricity grid and efficient electricity and heating systems

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