IT Security

  • Computer chip and gas fiber, symbolic of digitisation; Source: Getty Images / Rafe Swan

    Article - Digitisation

    Taking control of the digital transformation

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  • Robot hand, symbolising artificial intelligence

    Article - Key Enabling Technologies

    Artificial intelligence

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  • A charging station for electric vehicles; Source: picture alliance/dpa

    Article - Electric Mobility

    Regulatory environment and incentives for using electric vehicles and developing a charging infrastructure

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  • digitisation of the energy transition; Source: Seybert

    Article - Grids and Grid Expansion

    The digitisation of the energy transition

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  • Woman in front of a monitor; Quelle: Getty Images/Bloomberg

    Article - Industrie 4.0

    Industrie 4.0

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  • State Secretary Dr Nussbaum opened international conference „Securing Industrial Value Networks – synchronizing international approaches“

    14/05/2018 - Press release - Industrie 4.0

    State Secretary Dr Nussbaum opened international conference on IT security in Industrie 4.0.

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  • Tablet and road infrastructure; Source: martin-dm

    Article - Smart Networks Initiative

    Smart networking

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  • Network cables; Quelle: dpa

    Article - Internet Policy

    Internet Policy

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  • Source:

    24/01/2018 - Joint press release - International Digital Policy

    The Federal Economic Affairs Ministry and the Federal Ministry of the Interior continue dialogue with industry on the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation

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  • Network cable on the subject of digital politics

    06/10/2017 - Press release - Digitisation

    Economic Affairs Ministry moots better ways of coordinating digitalisation policy and potential establishment of digital agency.

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