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  • Construction workerssymbolizes Social Market Economy

    Article - The Social Market Economy

    Article: Prosperity and climate action:
    The socio-ecological market economy is the concept underpinning the transformation towards climate neutrality.

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  • Tourists and beach chairs symbolize Tourism

    Article - Tourism Policy

    Article: Tourism

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  • Wall with post-its from an Start-Up; Quelle: Getty Images/Emely

    Article - Funding of SMEs

    Article: Start-ups: a driving force for growth and competition

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  • metal laser

    Article - Industrial Policy

    Article: Made in Germany: Industrial Strategy 2030

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  • Article - Women in Business

    Article: Women are vital to the German economy

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  • Apprentice at work symbolizes Vocational training and work

    Article - Vocational Training & Profession

    Article: Dual vocational training – a recipe for success

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  • Ornamental plants decorating the page on SME policy; Source: mauritius images / / Hans Blossey

    Article - SME Policy

    Article: The German Mittelstand as a model for success

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  • A blackboard with math formulas connected to innovation policy

    Article - Innovation Policy

    Article: Innovation Policy

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  • Tablet and traffic infrastructure, symbolic of intelligent networking; Source: martin-dm

    Article - Smart Networks Initiative

    Article: Smart networking

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  • Computer chip symbolic of digitisation

    Article - Digitisation

    Article: Taking control of the digital transformation

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