European Commission

  • European flags flying high; Quelle:

    Article - Free Trade Agreements

    Article: Current free trade agreements

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  • Freight depot; Quelle: Getty Images/querbeet

    Article - Trade Policy

    Article: Fostering international trade and reducing barriers

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    05/12/2019 - Press release - Cutting Red Tape

    Minister Altmaier: “The EU can also introduce a “one-in-one-out” approach to cutting red tape”

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  • Flags in front of the European Parliament

    Article - European Economic Policy

    Article: Responsibilities as a ministry for European affairs

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  • Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Michel Barnier, chief EU negotiator for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU

    14/05/2019 - Press release - European Economic Policy

    Altmaier meets with Barnier

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  • People at computers, symbolising the EU SME Monitor; Source:

    Article - European Economic Policy

    Article: EU SME monitor

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  • Federal Minister Peter Altmaier and the EU Commissioner Regional Policy Corina Creţu

    28/03/2019 - Press release - Structural Funds

    Minister Altmaier meets with EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu

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  • The freight port of Vancouver, serving as a symbol of the free trade agreement

    Article - CETA

    Article: CETA – The European-Canadian Economic and Trade Agreement

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    21/11/2018 - Press release - Foreign Trade and Investment Law

    Minister Altmaier: Need to protect sensitive sectors of industry against state-controlled strategic takeovers from abroad – agreement at European level marks important step

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  • 17/07/2018 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    Minister Altmaier: Russian-Ukrainian energy talks at ministerial level in Berlin

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