• Pipette and test tubes on innovation policy; Source: Getty Images/Andrew Brookes

    Topic - Innovation Policy

    Innovation Policy

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  • Ornamental plants decorating the page on SME policy; Source: mauritius images / / Hans Blossey

    Topic - SME Policy

    The German Mittelstand as a model for success

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  • Symbolic image of the Digital Economy Monitoring Report shows binary codes in large city

    14/12/2017 - Press release - Digitisation

    Press release: Minister Zypries: Digital Germany increasingly attractive for venture capitalists

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  • Wall with post-its from an Start-Up; Quelle: Getty Images/Emely

    Topic - Funding of SMEs

    Start-ups: a driving force for growth and competition

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  • Computer chip and gas fiber, symbolic of digitisation; Source: Getty Images / Rafe Swan

    Topic - Digitisation

    Taking control of the digital transformation

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  • Warehouse, image regarding the subject of SME financing; Quelle: Getty Images/Erik Isakson

    Topic - Funding of SMEs

    Financing for start-ups, company growth, and innovations

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  • Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and the BVDS present the fifth German start-up Monitor.

    16/10/2017 - Press release - Funding of SMEs

    Press release: Zypries: “The start-up community in Germany is well on track”

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  • Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries and the wirter of the manifesto "Starke Frauen, starke Wirtschaft": Tijen Onaran, Sabine Gillessen, Isabel Rohner, Stephanie Bschorr

    09/10/2017 - Press release - Women in Business

    Press release: Zypries: Women’s Manifesto for Women in Business

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  • Female entrepreneur on the subject of women in business; Quelle: Getty Images/Thomas Barwick

    Topic - Women in Business

    Women in Business

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  • Minister Zypries meets with Israeli ambassador Hadas-Handelsman

    27/04/2017 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Press release: Minister Zypries meets with Israeli ambassador Hadas-Handelsman

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