European Commission

  • Freight depot; Quelle: Getty Images/querbeet

    Topic - Trade Policy

    Strengthening international trade and reducing barriers

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  • European flags flying high; Quelle:

    In focus - Free Trade Agreements

    Ongoing negotiations on free trade agreements

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  • The freight port of Vancouver, serving as a symbol of the free trade agreement

    Topic - CETA

    CETA – The European-Canadian Economic and Trade Agreement

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  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to the European Parliament

    13/09/2017 - Press release - European Industrial Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries: President Juncker's proposal for a European industrial policy strategy is an important signal for Europe as an industrial base

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  • Hacking symbolic of illegal content on the web

    06/09/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries: “We need practical solutions for combating illegal content on the web”

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  • Brigitte Zypries with the contract

    26/06/2017 - Press release - Conventional Energy Sources

    Press release: The Federal Republic of Germany signs an agreement with energy utilities on financing the nuclear phase-out

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  • People at computers, symbolising the EU SME Monitor; Source:

    In focus - European Economic Policy

    EU SME monitor

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  • Symbol image for roaming charges

    15/06/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries: “Excellent news for consumers: No more roaming fees”

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  • Craftsman at work

    29/05/2017 - Press release - European Economic Policy

    Press release: State Secretary Machnig: "With rights of Member States and national parliaments upheld, the result on the Services Package is good."

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  • Karte Deutschland und Österreich zur Engpassbewirtschaftung an der deutsch-österreichischen Grenze.

    15/05/2017 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    Press release: The Federal Network Agency and E-Control agree on congestion management at the German-Austrian border

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