Funding of SMEs

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    31/01/2019 - Press release - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Minister Altmaier: Demand for export credit guarantees rises significantly in 2018 - coverage for Africa shows strongest increase

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  • Thomas Bareiss

    07/06/2018 - Press release - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    State Secretary Bareiß: "Today, we are sending out a clear signal for Africa and supporting German SMEs"

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  • Altmaier at the 1st pitch night of the Digital Hub Initiative

    21/03/2018 - Press release - Digitisation

    Minister Altmaier: we’re bringing start-ups and investors together

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  • Symbolic image of the Digital Economy Monitoring Report shows binary codes in large city

    14/12/2017 - Press release - Digitisation

    Minister Zypries: Digital Germany increasingly attractive for venture capitalists

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  • Map of the European Union, symbolic for the European Action Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises

    19/07/2017 - Press release - European SME Policy

    Minister Zypries: giving a boost to SMEs in Europe

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  • Entrepreneur in a room; source: BMWi/Maria Parussel

    29/09/2016 - Joint press release - Funding of SMEs

    Germany and Austria present joint proposals for improved SME financing

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  •  Container about arms exports ; Source: van den Dries

    06/07/2016 - Press release - Economic Policy

    Cabinet adopts 2015 Military Equipment Export Report

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