Cover der Publikation Annual Report 2016/2017

With a population of 120 million, and a transport and industrial sector which is responsible for the bulk of its energy consumption, Mexico is one of the world’s largest consumers of energy. Fossil fuels dominate energy consumption in a country that is the world’s tenth largest oil and gas producer. At the same time, Mexico offers enormous potential for renewable energy. National targets aim for a rising share of clean energy in electricity production, reaching 35 % by 2024.

In 2016, Germany and Mexico decided to tackle these challenges and opportunities together, by further intensifying and expanding their successful cooperation. A Joint Declaration of Intent on the energy partnership underscores the point that both countries commit to restructuring their energy systems. Both countries want to work together to boost their energy efficiency, increase their use of renewable energy, and comply with their commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The English-language 2016/2017 Annual Report on the German-Mexican Energy Partnership provides an overview of the key facts and figures from the first year of the bilateral energy partnership between Germany and Mexico.