The SME Initiative for Energy Reforms and Climate Protection helps small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to Germany's energy reforms. It aims for them to save as much energy and operate as energy-efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, specialised SMEs rarely have the expertise needed to reach this goal on their own.

This is where the SME Initiative comes in. It has been offering concrete assistance in the form of communication, information, training and local contacts since 2012. A service centre provides phone and e-mail information about funding programmes and effective ways to boost energy efficiency.

The initiative has been so successful that it will be continued and improved past 2015. Specifically, the Federal Government plans to intensify dialogue between policymakers and SMEs, optimise information and advisory services and promote long-term experience-sharing.

The initiative's service centre answers questions from retailers, wholesalers, craftspeople and manufacturers about implementing the energy reforms in a business setting:

Phone: 0800 934 23 75 (toll-free)