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The aim is to boost the innovative and competitive strengths of the German film industry. The Federal Government uses the GMPF in order to provide funding for innovative serial formats and digital film-making, with a special focus on promoting innovations. For example, ‘Berlin Station’, an espionage series, ‘Babylon Berlin’, a series set in Berlin in the 1920s, and ‘Wanted’ (working title), which will be the first German series available for streaming on Amazon Prime, all receive funding from the GMPF. Funding is also to be provided for high-budget international co-productions in Germany. The programme provides a special incentive to make digital films in Germany.

The concept is designed to promote Germany as a film-making centre, in particular in comparison with other European countries. In this way, the Economic Affairs Ministry is helping to strengthen Germany’s small and medium-sized film industry and to safeguard the quality and diversity of German films.

The “German Motion Picture Fund” is a stand-alone funding programme. It reflects the ministry’s policy priorities, such as the digital economy and innovative technology. For the first time, federal funding is being targeted at innovative serial formats and digital film-making.

The German Federal Film Board (FFA) is responsible for managing the funding programme. It has accepted applications for funding since 15 December 2015.