Funding of SMEs

  • Apprentice at work symbolizes Vocational training and work; Source: Franz Bischof/Laif

    Topic - Vocational Training & Profession

    Vocational training and work

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  • Woman holding tablet, symbolic of German-Turkish female entrepreneur

    10/04/2017 - Press release - SME Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries recognises important contribution of Turkish-origin companies to Germany’s successful SME sector


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  • Ornamental plants decorating the page on SME policy; Source: mauritius images / / Hans Blossey

    Topic - SME Policy

    The German Mittelstand as a model for success

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  • Source:

    In focus - The Tourism Industry

    Doing Business in the Travel Industry

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  • Entrepreneur in a room; source: BMWi/Maria Parussel

    29/09/2016 - Joint press release - Funding of SMEs

    Press release: Germany and Austria present joint proposals for improved SME financing

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  • Sigmar Gabriel, federal minister for economy and energy and young entrepreneurs; Source: BMWi/Maurice Weiss

    01/12/2015 - Press release - Migration and asylum

    Press release: Gabriel: Integration by way of entrepreneurship

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