European Economic Policy

  • Flag symbolizes Brexit; Source:

    In focus - European Economic Policy

    After the Brexit referendum: An overview of important information

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  • Employee in a company symbolizes economy policy; Source: Getty Images/Monty Rakusen

    Topic - Economic Policy

    Make Germany fit for the future - harness the opportunities of digital transformation

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  • Tourists and beach chairs symbolize Tourism; Source: mauritius images / imageBROKER / Hans Blossey

    Topic - Tourism Policy


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  • Construction of track rails symbolizes Investment Strategy; Source: Getty Images/Thomas Trutschel

    Topic - Investment Strategy

    Boosting investment

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  • Worker in front of containers symbolizes Promotion of foreign trade and investment; Source: Getty Images/Yur_Arcurs

    Topic - Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment

    Promotion of foreign trade and investment

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  • EU-Community

    In focus - European Economic Policy

    The EU - an economic community and a community of values

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  • Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the Italian Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda; Source: BMWi/Espen Eichhöfer

    18/01/2017 - Press release - European Economic Policy

    Press release: German-Italian Business Conference: Digitisation and Investment First

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  • European flags flying high; Quelle:

    In focus - Free Trade Agreements

    Ongoing negotiations on free trade agreements

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  • Freight depot; Quelle: Getty Images/querbeet

    Topic - Trade Policy

    Strengthening international trade and reducing barriers

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  • The freight port of Vancouver, serving as a symbol of the free trade agreement

    Topic - CETA

    CETA – The European-Canadian Economic and Trade Agreement

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