• Free WLAN

    22/09/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries: Way ahead clear for more public WiFi


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  • Flags of the EU states

    19/09/2017 - Press release - European and International Energy Policy

    Press release: State Secretary Baake attends meeting of EU energy ministers in Tallinn

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  • Crossroad in Tokio

    08/09/2017 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Press release: State Secretary Machnig visits Japan to hold talks on the sustainable digitisation of the economy

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  • Hacking symbolic of illegal content on the web

    06/09/2017 - Press release - Internet Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries: “We need practical solutions for combating illegal content on the web”

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  • Network cables; Quelle: dpa

    Topic - Internet Policy

    Internet Policy

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  • Cover "Green Paper - Digital Platforms"

    01/06/2016 - Brochure - Digitisation

    Publication: Green Paper

    Digital Platforms

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  • Meeting in Meseberg; Source: Bundesregierung/Guido Bergmann

    25/05/2016 - Press release - Digitisation

    Press release: Minister Gabriel: We need to think further ahead about digitisation

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  • Woman; Source: mauritius images/Cultura

    Topic - Industrial Policy

    A modern industrial policy

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  • Abstract illustration of the Internet, symbolic for Internet Governance

    19/07/2017 - Press release - International Digital Policy

    Press release: Germany is candidate to host 2019 Internet Governance Forum

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  • Map of Central Balkans

    14/07/2017 - Press release - European Economic Policy

    Press release: Parliamentary State Secretary Dirk Wiese attends Western Balkans Summit today: we want to further expand the successful cooperation

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