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  • Cover of Plattform Industrie 4.0

    20/06/2017 - Brochure - Industrial Policy

    Publication: Plattform Industrie 4.0

    Digitale Transformation "Made in Germany"

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  • In focus - Industrial Policy

    Export-Driven Industry

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  • Icon of an electric vehicle; Source: Getty Images/Lya_Cattel

    Topic - Electric Mobility

    Electric mobility in Germany

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  • Eine Ladestation für Elektrofahrzeuge

    11/10/2017 - Press release - Electric Mobility

    Press release: State Secretary Machnig: "If it wants to remain a premium car manufacturer, Germany needs to be able to manufacture its own battery cells."

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  • Güterbahnhof zum Thema Rüstungsexportkontrolle; Quelle: Getty Images/Fabian Wentzel

    Topic - Export Controls for Military Equipment

    A restrictive, responsible policy on the export of military equipment

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  • In focus - Industrial Policy

    Challenges for a Modern Industrial Policy

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  • New landscape in Gessental at Ronneburg

    20/09/2017 - Press release - Conventional Energy Sources

    Press release: Federation, Saxony, Thuringia and Wismut GmbH sign declaration of intent on future handling of the “Wismut legacy”

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  • Transatlantic Energy Transition Dialogue - State Secretary Rainer Baake visiting the U.S.

    15/09/2017 - Press release - International Cooperation

    Press release: State Secretary Machnig travelling to the U.S. from 17 to 23 September to discuss economic policy issues

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  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to the European Parliament

    13/09/2017 - Press release - European Industrial Policy

    Press release: Minister Zypries: President Juncker's proposal for a European industrial policy strategy is an important signal for Europe as an industrial base

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  • Cottbus University Library; Source: Rudi Sebastian

    Topic - The New Länder

    Creating equivalent living conditions in eastern and western Germany

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