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Heater; Source: istockphoto.com/EdnaM

Bringing energy efficiency into homes across Germany

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is launching two new programmes for funding heating optimisation and fuel cell heating systems to boost energy efficiency. more

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"Energy security at different levels"

With seven 'penta states', twelve 'electrical neighbours', and all 28 EU Member States having joined the 'Energy Union', European cooperation on energy is proceeding well and at different levels. Read more about this in the latest edition of our newsletter "Energiewende direkt". Follow the link to the newsletter


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The economic situation in August 2016

Growth in Germany remains robust, but the dynamism of the German economy has slowed to some extent. The labour market is continuing its stable positive development.

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The first solar airplane to circumnavigate the world: Baake congratulates Solar Impulse team

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg have just flown all around the world in their solar aircraft "Solar Impulse 2", which is powered by four solar electric motors.