The Economy

Cover Schlaglichter der Wirtschaftspolitik

Stabilising growth in Germany and Europe, implementing the energy reforms, securing the supply of skilled workers and making the most of the opportunities of globalisation, boosting the forces for innovation and promoting social inclusion - these are the priorities of Germany's economic policy. They provide a response to current challenges.

Priorities for Germany's Economic Policy

The German economy and labour market are doing well. Germany's growth rates are among the highest in Europe. Employment levels are at an all-time high.

Economic Situation and Statistics

Keeping up-to-date with the latest statistics and analyses: The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy publishes regular reports on the state of the German economy.

The Social Market Economy

The underlying idea of the social market economy is to protect the freedom of all market participants on both the supply and demand side, whilst also providing for a strong safety net.

Industrial Policy

A sustainable industrial policy must seek to ensure that the German industrial sector can maintain and further improve its competitive edge.

SME Policy

The Economic Affairs Ministry shapes policy for the Mittelstand and thereby helps to create a strong business environment for growth and employment in Germany.

The Economy

Facts about Germany

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