The Energy Transition

Keyvisual of the campaign "Germany's energy transition - Energiewende: A great piece of work.; Source: BMWi

The energy transition is our avenue into a secure, environmentally friendly, and economically successful future. We have already done a fair bit of the work: renewable energy is now Germany's most important energy source for electricity. And not only are we increasingly relying on green energy - we are also using it more economically. This is good for the climate and also strengthens Germany's position as a country with a large industrial sector. The energy transition is opening up new fields of business for German companies, promoting innovation, and creating jobs.

Overall Strategy

We want to make the energy transition environmentally compatible, secure and affordable. We have adopted a clear, comprehensive strategy in order to attain all our objectives.

Coordination of the Energy Transition

The energy transition is a national task. Only through effective coordination and close collaboration with all actors involved will this be successful.

Target Architecture

From political framework to action: we are defining clear goals and instruments to make the energy transition a success.

Monitoring the Energy Transition

The "Energy of the Future" monitoring process has been initiated by the Federal Government in order to closely observe developments and trends in the energy transition.

Overview of Legislation

The overview of legislation presents and summarises the most important legal texts within German and European energy policy.