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Rösler: "WTO report on prohibited Boeing subsidies is a victory for Europe"


The World Trade Organisation's (WTO) Appellate body has today declared that Boeing received prohibited subsidies to the value of 6 billion US dollars between 1989 and 2006. The body's appeal decision confirmed the initial ruling of the WTO made on 31 March last year that the Boeing subsidies clearly contravene existing world trade law.

The Federal Minister for Economics and Technology, Dr. Phillip Rösler, welcomes the WTO's appeal decision: "The WTO report that has been presented today is a victory for Europe. It confirms that Boeing received billions of euros in unauthorised subsidies over a period of several years. The US subsidies for the aeroplane manufacturer Boeing have caused considerable damage to the European aircraft industry and particularly to Airbus. The USA is now obligated to fully implement the decision within the prescribed period and to change its funding practices. This also applies to the planned funding of Boeing by the US state of Washington between 2006 and 2024."

The presenting of the report now allows there to be a balanced overall assessment of the two disputes surrounding Airbus and Boeing. Commenting upon this, Rösler added: "Even if the USA is not sending any positive signals at the moment, I will continue to advocate the negotiating of a political solution without prior conditions, especially as the rulings are now final. Our aim must be to avoid a transatlantic trade dispute, which would serve to weaken both Europe and the USA."

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