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Fresh stimulus for European energy research

worker holding a solar panel in his hand
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Today the conference "Energy research in Europe: Germany's contribution to the SET Plan" will be held in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. About 120 participants including representatives of the European Commission and of the EU Member States, experts from industry and science and representatives of the Federal Ministries involved in the energy research programme come together to discuss ways how to improve cooperation in the field of energy research, development and demonstration.

State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics Stefan Kapferer said: "The restructuring of our energy systems cannot be successful unless we develop new and innovative technologies. This is the key message of the German federal government's new energy research programme, which we adopted last August. We decided to raise the funding for the implementation of the programme especially in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energies. But we also want to intensify cooperation at the European level. This is the only way for Germany and Europe to continue to play in the upper league at the international level when it comes to develop new innovative energy technologies."

Back in 2008 the European Council had adopted the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan - the SET Plan. The SET Plan is one of the pillars of the European energy and climate policy; it offers many possibilities for common research and development. The Plan aims to reduce the cost of highly efficient and low-emission energy technologies and to help European companies to continue to play a leading role worldwide in this rapidly growing sector.

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