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Rösler: "E-Energy accelerates the transformation of energy supply"

Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Dr. Philipp Rösler and the President of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, today in Berlin opened the third annual E-Energy Congress entitled "E-Energy accelerates the energy reform". During the two-day event, which is hosted jointly by acatech and the Federal Ministry of Economics, more than 300 national and international experts from government, business and science will exchange their views on the upgrading of the existing power grids to become "smart grids". 

Federal Minister Rösler said: "We need power grids that are fit for the energy supply of the future. The transformation of the energy supply will result in more decentralised power generation that depends to a greater extent on the weather conditions. In order to secure under these circumstances reliable energy supply for Germany being a location for business activity, we must guarantee the right balance between electricity consumption and power generation. Electricity producers, grid operators and customers must be better networked in the future. This is possible by means of the modern information and communications technologies. Therefore, the results of the E-Energy Congress are planned to be rapidly taken into account in both the work of the grid platform of the Federal Ministry of Economics and the implementation of the "Digital Germany 2015" ICT strategy. E-Energy can thus help to promote the transformation of the energy supply and set free new forces for growth." 

The results of acatech's study carried out within the project "Future Energy Grid"  and recent success stories in the field of smart grids within the framework of the Federal Ministry's ongoing E-Energy beacon project, which expires at the beginning of 2013, will be discussed at the conference. The research activities funded within the framework of this project with about 60 million euros examine on the basis of examples of application the contribution that information and communications technologies can make to smart grids. Besides, E-Energy within the framework of acatech's project entitled "Future Energy Grid", which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics, also looks at the long-term perspectives of smart power grids in Germany. In this context, the challenges to be met until 2030 are analysed and fields of action and success factors on the way towards a smart energy system of the future are identified.

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