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"Digital Germany 2015": The German government unveils its new ICT strategy

Today the federal cabinet adopted the federal government's new strategy targeting the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, "Digital Germany 2015" ("Deutschland Digital 2015")

Speaking about the new strategy, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Rainer Brüderle stated: "Our new ICT strategy aims to further enhance the ICT-related linkages and capabilities of our entire economy. In this way, we want to create 30,000 new jobs in the ICT sector and in user industries by the year 2015. We also aim to cut the federal government's energy consumption by 40% by 2013. The ICT strategy is indispensable if we want to maintain and enhance our position as a leader on world markets and as an internationally competitive place to do business. We have to highlight the opportunities that the internet and ICT present, without ignoring the risks. That's why our new strategy focuses primarily on the possibilities that ICT can open up, so that citizens and companies can benefit from this potential."

The ICT strategy "Digital Germany 2015" was developed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in coordination with other relevant ministries. The strategy forms the overarching framework for the federal government's ICT policy, combining clear targets with specific measures in the fields of ICT and new media. These include:

To facilitate all of these efforts, the federal government will place a top priority on improving overall technical conditions and providing a conducive economic policy framework.

By adopting its new ICT strategy, the German government is supporting the EU's efforts to implement the European Digital Agenda.

In addition, the Digital Germany 2015 strategy puts into action one of the pledges contained in the current government's coalition agreement.

The new ICT strategy will be one of the main focuses of Germany's fifth IT Summit, which will take place this year on 5-7 December in Dresden. From the outset, the development of the new strategy was closely linked to this year's IT Summit, and the summit is expected to give key momentum to the implementation of the strategy.

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